the whole experience was great! Even when bumps came up, you two handled them so well! I am so so thankful for all the amazing content and new photog friendships I’ve made!!

I had the opportunity to learn from Morgan and Danielle at their shootout on 3/8 - it was AMAZING! They’re both so talented, smart, and amazing behind the camera. They care so deeply about others’ education and I feel like that’s really hard to come by in this industry. It means so much when another boss babe wants to see you thrive! If you are looking for a workshop to attend, I highly suggest learning from these two. They are awesome and the sweetest people!!!

- Sidney 

kind words from our new besties 

Morgan + Dan
Where do I start?
Welp - this was my first ever workshop and I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. Morgan and Danielle were both so amazing and just really real people. I don't even know what that means but I guess it means that they were down to earth. I can def see myself hanging out with them regularly. They both made sure we were all comfortable, esp us new photographers. Anyway - the whole day was planned and they were right on time for everything. They were so organized! They ran into a few bumps on the road but made it work easy peasy! I would def attend another workshop with them and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!


 I’m really glad I chose the live rooted shootout to be my first one. I also think the time was managed really well. To

top it off, you guys were a big help at the end of it all! Y’all answered the questions really well and I definitely learned a lot. I look forward to more shootouts and workshops soon!